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Security Web Links

  • Zonelabs
    For firewalls and related Product

  • BS 7799 & Compliance
    Another Alternative: Compliance with BS 7799

  • Security Risk Analysis: How & Why
    Alternative Risk Analysis Site

  • Resources for ISO 17799, Security Policies, Security Audit & Security Risk Analysis
    Major reference site

  • MIS
    Security and technical training courses

  • Security Risk Analysis Theory
    A site providing theoretical background to security risk analysis

  • BS7799: How & Why
    BS7799 Site

  • ISO 17799: How & Why
    Risk Associates ISO 17799 Site

  • ISO 17799 Software Directory
    Directory of Software for ISO17799 & Security Risk Analysis

  • Business Continuity Planning
    COBRA for Business Continuity Planning

  • Security Policies - Compliance Made Easy
    Compliance with Internal Security Policies

  • iSecurityShop
    For security products ranging from anti-virus to firewalls

  • Triple DES
    For DES Encryption

  • HMSO
    The Data Protection Act

  • Cryptography, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection & Penetration Testing
    Major Portal

  • Cryptography Products
    A Selection of Leading Crypto Products

  • SecurityFocus
    For Penetration Testing Information

  • Intrusion Detection
    Leading Intrusion Detection Product

  • Cryptography
    Cryptography Research, Inc

  • SAI
    Security Awareness Inc

  • Portcullis Computer Security Ltd
    Main Portcullis Security Web Site

  • Firewalls

  • AS/400 Security World
    AS/400 Security Portal

  • Enterprise Security World
    Unix, Linux, iSeries, NT and OS/390 Security Specialists

  • Safestone Technologies
    Safestone's Corporate Site

  • AntiPiracy World
    Software Piracy Solutions

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